Thursday, July 28, 2016



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President Obama Addresses the Democratic Convention to the envy of the Republican Party

July 27, 2016

Last night in Philadelphia, the birthplace of the Constitution and the United States of America, President Barack Obama addressed thousands of Democrats at their convention. The President gave yet another moving and uplifting speeches that citizens across America and the world have come to know. Obama now has four of the five top speeches delivered at any Democratic or Republican convention.

Barack Obama delivered an address that may define this election and repudiated the reckless campaign based on fear, hate and fascism. Obama reminded all of America that this is a nation that refuses to be "ruled" by one man driven by his ego and terminal narcissism.

The beauty of Barack Obama is that he dismantled the Republican nominee without insult, without anger but in a well metered tone that resonated throughout the arena. He rejected what is now defined as trump-ism. Obama's tact and diplomacy was evident from beginning to end, no small achievement in light of Trump's most recent blunder, his reckless, unconscionable and treasonable declaration to a foreign power to intervene on behalf of his election campaign.

Barack Obama put forth the dominant heritage of most American families, the common values of humility, hard work passed from generation to generation and that braggarts and bullies are unacceptable. The President chose words that every citizen could understand. He did not mention by name.

This morning it is evident that the Republican nominee suffers from an attention disorder or he cares little about America and Western Civilization for that matter.

In his typical style of denial, Donald Trump blames the media for his own words, his appeal to Russia to hack the democratic election process promising the release of additional 31,000 emails would rewarded mightily by tabloid press. Trump is again blatantly lying to America claiming the "media is out to get him again."

It is as if none of this ever happened.

This is offensive, an embarrassment to America and unacceptable in the eyes of our allies. Obviously Trump does not recognize his narcissism. Trump believes he can lead by GPS, cliff notes and tabloids to guide foreign and domestic policy.

Trump's campaign is no longer reality entertainment. His words, his business record is sadly a sideshow, the words of a carnival barker or a charlatan selling snake oil as cure for the fear he paints on the American canvas.

Donald Trump will defeat himself. He will have no one to blame but his party. The radical obstructionists within the leadership shaped this twisted mind and unleashed him upon the public. If they cannot accept responsibility for their right wing radicalism and promote consensus out of love and patriotism, they will face a similar result.

Post election, Paul Ryan and Newt Gingrich may take to the streets with a new plea, Republican Lives Matter.