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August 3, 2016

At  dawn's early light I was awoken by an untimely nightmare where I was surrounded by both chaos and absurdity. Rather than return to bed I turned to "Morning Joe" and found the dream continued. Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzynski and the usual guests were bemoaning the latest antics of Donald Trump. One pundit likened him to that of a "toddler."

Scarborough says "there is a conspiracy theory that Bill Clinton and Donald Trump held a long conversation where Bill encouraged Trump to run for election for the Presidency" as a strategy to ensure Hillary's election. Scarborough pointed out that Donald Trump has been a Democrat for like "sixty years of his life, he has contributed to both Clintons and their campaigns." Morning Joe cautioned that he does "not subscribe to such a conspiracy theory, but's out there.

A half dozen of the regular political experts went on to discuss the recent Trump controversial atrocities in his treatment of the Khan Gold Star family, his lack of empathy, lack of respect for a the purple heart and on and on. They discussed Trump's continued criticism and John McCain's failure to support our nation's veterans when it is clear Bernie Sanders lauded the work of Senator McCain in their bipartisan most comprehensive reform and improvement for Veteran's benefits. They cited the Trump/Speaker Ryan tempestuous relationship with Paul Ryan reluctantly endorsing Trump as the Republican nominee. Now Trump is withholding in a wait and see, "not quite ready" to endorse, statements identical to the words of Speaker Ryan after the convention.

Without any word of Donald Trump's call for Russian intelligence to further hack the DNC and share the evidence within the emails of Hillary Clinton's hidden acts of soliciting foreign donations to Bill's Foundation. Morning Joe did not touch on recent "pulp" of scandal papers where it is said that future releases of hacked email by Wiki-leaks and Julian Assange will not only bring down Hillary but incarcerate her. In fact, the scandal goes much deeper than just Hillary and it involves the sale of United States military software to foreign nations where it is possible the possession of the high tech can defeat out military on the battlefield.

Preposterous? I certainly hope so. However, the conversation turned to a discussion of removing Donald Trump from the top of the ticket and if the RNC could pull this off. The discussion concluded that Trump would be forced to "withdraw" and Republicans would have a brief window of time to elevate Mike Pence or choose a new candidate sometime in September. They believe these kinds of talks are actually being discussed among top Republicans.

Their conclusion is that forcing Donald Trump to step down (violating his very core center of narcissism) is unlikely. But, at the same time if the tempestuous unstable and sociopathic behavior of Trump continue you can bet Republicans will unleash an all-out war on Hillary Clinton's integrity. It would result in Hillary withdrawing and the DNC leaders (many who have already resigned in conjunction with Debbie Wasserman) with the task of a new Presidential candidate.

Fifty Shades of Gray Over Campaign

If there is any shred of evidence to support the threat it will bring Clinton down, how many will say "I am with her."

Consensus is since runner-up Bernie Sanders whose name his supporters insisted be placed in nomination and the roll call vote of all delegates take place,  he will by default assume the spot at the top of the Democratic ticket as President.

Bernie Sanders May Continue To Burn a Shining Light

Our Political History has endured and survived chaos. The year 1968 has been remembered as the most divisive, violent election years in our country's history. We reeled by first the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., riots in streets, mass protests of anti-war movement, a surreal second assassination of Robert Kennedy seemingly timed before the Democratic Convention in Chicago. If this were not enough, Chicago was overrun with anti-war and civil rights activists determined to assemble in Grant Park and march on the convention center.

In preparing for the Party's folly weeks before, Mayor Daly denied any permits for any demonstrations in Grant Park or anywhere near the convention. Perhaps for the first time, America witnessed a bolstered police force with full riot gear draw the line for Daly. What was described as a police force employing "gestapo tactics" in the streets which party leaders attempted to hide and deny it was happening. Unarmed demonstrators were brutally beaten, dragged and arrested by a police state who deliberately provoked the violence and then took their malice to horrific levels. Somehow CBS, NBC and ABC turned the cameras away from the convention floor to the "democratic process" on the streets.

Across all of America, citizens were aghast at the behavior of police under the order of a corrupt establishment. The truth did not stop there as "the whole world was watching."

What ensued in the decades and election years to follow is that both Democratic and Republican leadership transformed their convention process from pledged delegates debating and voting in what most of us recognized to be democracy. Today, the same national network correspondents recognize the respective conventions as one four day political commercial to exult a precluded candidate.
The year of 2016, the flawed if not undemocratic and orchestrated convention process has backfired. Two candidates emerged from their respective parties with the lowest favorability ratings and unfavorable views at record levels. The reality is that the divide is more than one side against the opposition rejecting a candidate. They have come to increasingly hate both Clinton and Trump.
Hate is strong emotion. It can turn to rage spurned by incendiaries within this country and covert manipulation of Russia's Vladimir Putin.

What other terror may affect the coming three months. What if ISIS inspired terrorists went to any length of violence to disrupt or even prevent a "normal" election process. It is a reality that cyber terrorists  manipulates voting machines or that homegrown acts of violence disrupt the election process destroying the integrity of the results.

In these remaining months who can predict what will happen? Will the family of one "star-spangled" candidate commit him, or that another face constant "bombs bursting in air" and in the "dawn's early light, our flag" tattered still stood there?

Anything in this crazy election year has and may yet happen. It would come as no surprise that "for the good of the nation" President Obama FDR during World War. Both candidates have legal questions and one pending lawsuits that can preclude qualifications to ethically hold office.

President Barack Obama may be called upon to reluctantly continue to serve until sanity is restored. It may be for the best, for all of us.

The President May Have to Undergo Further Shades of Gray