Friday, September 9, 2016




"A Question of Ethics, Campaign Financing & The Clinton Foundation"

In April I wrote the above titled post that you can find on this blog. The news cycle at the time focused on Hillary Clinton's private server, 33,000 emails and the outcome of the FBI investigation. The big scandal among all media was Clinton's email lack of security and that "top secrets" could have been leaked or hacked.

Today we know about the Russians, Trump's love of Putin, FBI conclusion of "careless handling of classified information within Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State and a question of faith in her ability.

As all of this became breaking news on all the networks, it begged the question, "Is that all there is?" I began digging deeper and research the Clinton Foundation, its history and a real story. Hillary used her position as Secretary to solicit or accept foreign contributions to the Foundation. All of the disappointing details are reported in the April post which I urge you to review.

Today the news is unfolding about the same suspect behavior of the Secretary. It is now reported as I did that Hillary accepted $146 million in foreign donation to Bill's pet project. Many of PR statements released state that Yes, these donations were accepted but did not impact Hillary Clinton's opinion and no donor received "any favor." Only now, Bill Clinton has recused himself from the foundation board and only daughter Chelsea will remain part of operative. There is the admission of the large treasure amassed from members of the Saudi family among others did occur. There are those this morning that are now retracing Hillary's trips abroad and the destinations around the globe.

MSNBC is reporting polls that show Hillary's huge lead beginning a decline (which I also predicted). Unfortunately, these are the facts or in the least the talking points for any upcoming debates where Donald Trump "should advantage" unless he strays off-course to speak of all topics, himself. When I researched and wrote of the suspect corruption within the very nature of the Clinton Foundation, I was reluctant to put forth the facts. I am a Democrat who voted twice for Bill and now agree that in spite of the shadow over her, I would no doubt vote for Hillary.

Those early years when the Clinton dynasty was taking form covertly I believed they were the Hope from Arkansas. But, like many we hold as a hero, too many fall due to scandal and suspicion sometimes without merit. As a student of history and political science I feel betrayed by not only the Clintons but the efficacy of the democratic process. The fable or true story running at the same pace is the embarrassing and unethical leadership under Debbie Wasserman, the resignation of five high ranking members of the DNC and the announced coming release of incriminating emails by Wiki Leaks that may damage Clinton's campaign beyond repair.

Now, Bernie Sanders reappears as subject of conspiracy theories. The stories abound on the Internet since the eve of the Democratic convention. The release of hacked DNC emails reveal Debbie Wasserman led the effort to derail his campaign. 

This was followed by Julian Assange whose Wiki Leaks that Bernie's life was threatened as well as his status in the Senate Veteran's Affair Committee. The reports described how "two thugs" confronted Sanders in his Philadelphia hotel room and he emerged with facial injuries.  As these serious allegations of arm twisting and a beating from Clinton surrogates, I truly wanted to dismiss them as "rumor and speculation."

However, with time the corporate networks finally came to  realize Bernie Sanders did indeed begin a political revolution and he became an irritating "fly"  getting under the skin of the Clinton campaign. Unnerving and unsettling as this is, the couple denied any wrongdoing within the Clinton foundation and treatment of Bernie Sanders as a despicable disbeliever and atheist in Southern primaries. In recent days Bill Clinton who previously disavowed any foreign influence within his Foundation now has announced that beginning "immediately" they will no longer accept cash from foreign governments.

First, the Clintons treated the allegation as some illusion, the lack of any influence upon the Secretary of State while "in office." If foreign donations did not influence as "Pay for Play" then why would Bill announce he would suspend any foreign contributions to the foundation. The money laundering documented in Clinton Cash are unsavory at least and illegal and a betrayal of her office. The Clintons remain steadfast to the position that the reported misuse of taxpayer money in rebuilding Haiti and favoritism in awarding contracts to friends of the Clintons.

Favoritism and Pay for Play is the lesser of the crimes depicted in Clinton Cash. If the obscene amounts (up to $1 million) to Bill Clinton for speeches delivered from Canada to Moscow are without stain then why stop them? If millions in contributions made to the Foundation by suspect capitalists and African dictators did not expedite State Department exemptions why stop now? If the Foundation is legitimate and without stain of nefarious acts why discontinue or suspend? As one "ordinary" Joe might say, "It's malarkey!"

Clinton Cash -the Movie tracks Bill and Hillary's actions since leaving the White House and her eventual rise as Secretary of State. First the book and now the movie advises the viewer to "follow the money." What follows is a series of "play for pay" scenarios that cannot be written off as merely "coincidence." 

The film investigates and documents the hypocrisy of the Clintons, once revered for their public stance on climate change, human rights, opposition of dictators in third world nations and the list of complete turns on corruption goes on and on.

This is an indictment of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, Bill Clinton as chair of the Haitian Relief Initiative and the Clinton Foundation. If American voters view this film they would be as outraged and terribly disappointed by the Clintons. Americans would call for their indictment for money laundering, misuse of U.S. taxpayer's money, dishonest awards of contracts and favors to foreign interests for profit.

I am saddened to report the misuse of power by Hillary Clinton as I fear that Donald Trump will benefit. My hope is that the Clintons can disprove the facts as they are reported. However, one can see how that would be possible after viewing Clinton Cash.