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September 21, 2016





As she is known in her native Spain and Europe has this lilting beautiful and unique voice and style. Loving Strangers is inspirational, beautiful and haunting as well. When Lourdes Hernandez comes to mind, "I can't get her out of my head."

Lourdes Hernandez, Composer & Singer

Loving Strangers is a musical masterpiece in which you must hear the nuances of Lourdes voice to truly enjoy her brilliance. She has recorded "Girls Just Want To Have Fun." You can hear the influence of the incomparable Cyndi Lauper.


Loving strangers, loving strangers,
loving strangers, oh...

I've got a hole in my pocket
where all the money has gone

and I've got a whole lot of work
to do with your heart
cause it's so busy, mine's not

Loving strangers, loving strangers,
loving strangers, oh...

It's just the start of the winter
and I'm all alone
and I've got my eye right on you

give me a coin and I'll take you to the moon
give me a beer and I'll kiss you so foolishly,

like you do when you lie, when you're not in my thoughts,
like you do when you lie and I know it's not my imagination

Loving strangers, loving strangers,
loving strangers, oh...      


ROOM IN ROME (2010) captures a chance meeting of two women meeting in Rome who share life's disappointments. Each suffers recent setbacks in life and love and find comfort in each other's company. What progresses is more than friendship over a weekend escape. The film captures a love not often seen, let alone on film. Their story captured me and drew me in to their brief love affair and new found friendship.  Russian Red provides a backdrop of a soundtrack mesmerizing, unique and beautiful.

"I Hate You But I Love You"

 - Music & Lyrics by Russian Red


A Still From final frames of "Room In Rome" directed by Julio Madem (2010)