Saturday, November 5, 2016



Russian President Vladimir Putin has shown a keen interest in this election and awaits the outcome in making his next move...on the Ukraine

Russian Carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov

On October 14th Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed all of his naval forces to be on alert and for personnel prepare their families for a long absence from home. He then ordered the largest naval armada to sail from the Baltic toward Syria in the Mediterranean Sea. This is no small matter and from what little has been written or covered by U.S. media, our military experts do not see this action as being a major threat to world peace.

However, the movement of the fleet is the largest since the Cold War and our European allies have been "shadowing" the convoy led by the pride aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and the largest nuclear destroyer, Peter the Great. NATO allies including Great Britain, France, Denmark and others do not see this as some "exercise" but are taking the threat quite seriously. There have already been many too close for comfort air and naval engagements that have relatively gone unnoticed. See How World War III Could Start by Jonathan Marshall of Common Dreams link.

Russian Destroyer, Peter The Great 

This week the Russian fleet is now off the coast of Jordan in striking distance of Aleppo, Syria. It is believed that Putin will use the aircraft carrier to launch a final blow within Syria. What better time to expand Russian support for Assad than when America is immersed in this election. Through his hacking into emails and subsequent release to Wiki Leaks, Putin is hedging on Donald Trump to emerge victorious. If Trump is elected on November 8th there is a morbid irony that Russia will begin all out strikes on November 11. This is the same date as the Treaty of Versailles which ended World War I. 

The size and composition of the fleet in the Mediterranean has the capability to fight more than one war. It will come as no big surprise to NATO if Putin launches a stepped bombing in Syria in an all out strike to end the Syrian revolt, maintain Assad as puppet to the Kremlin. The position of the fleet in the Mediterranean is a short distance from the Turkish straits leading to the Black Sea as the map below displays.

What has not been discussed or reported is any other nefarious plan the "K-G-Boy Putin" has assembled such a large force in conjunction with other ground forces engaged in military games in the areas sharing the Russian border. Former Soviet Eastern Bloc Nations can only cringe as to the end result. I believe that while the U.S. is so preoccupied with all of the outrageous exploits such as James Comey, the FBI, the Republican attacks on Hillary Clinton and the comical unorthodox Trump campaign, Putin will take full advantage of our nonsense and launch a naval and ground military invasion of the Ukraine. Putin is dead set on restoring as much of the old Soviet Union as possible and the Ukraine is most vital and critical in controlling and protecting Russian interests. The history and geography for hundreds of years point to the Black Sea as the prize. The port city of Sevastopol has for centuries been the catalyst for Russian naval operations for centuries. Russian Czar Peter the Great is the father of the Russian Navy and the warm weather port in the Black Sea has always been key to his obsession to build a navy to compete with the rest of Western Europe. 

From Czarist Russia through the Marxist Revolution, Lenin, Stalin and onward in time from WWII and the Cold War, it has been an absolute that the Soviet Union maintain a tight grip on Sevastopol  which is by the way in Crimea. The history of the Crimea to Russian is a long bloodied fight for control. 

Vladimir Putin is one smart KGB agent with a handle on history and Russian (Soviet) nationalism. Putin has been obsessed with wrestling power within (succeeding Boris Yeltsin), consolidating that power to further national interests as well as his own. With the collapse of the old Soviet economic system, the oligarchs at the head of the Politburo went on a frenzy grabbing the rich natural resources especially diamonds and oil. Overnight, a relative few "capitalized" on a fledgling "democracy" and became first millionaires and then billionaires. Vladimir Putin is reported to have a net worth of $700 million. Most of which is tied up in Russian oil production and the pipelines that travel south through the Ukraine for one to be sold at a large profit to Eastern Europe as well as our Western Europe allies of NATO. Remember, this is the group Trump summarily dismisses as unnecessary as a force as well as a financial burden to the United States. 

Since launching his bid to the Presidency some unsavory business connections to the Trump campaign and Putin have come to light. And just today we read where a "Russian" Miami community of alleged mafia affiliations have invested heavily in Trumps endeavors in Florida keeping him afloat (while paying no taxes). In a sense, there is an underlying quid pro quo status between the Donald Trump brand and the Russian President. Vladimir Putin yearns for the old Soviet Union but personally abandons a communist economic system, at least for himself. Putin somehow, while working as a KGB agent has evolved from an everyday plutocrat with a limited salary during all of his years to now a billionaire equal to Trump. 

With the breakup of the Soviet Union which he detested, Putin worked behind the scenes as a key adviser to his then mentor, Boris Yeltsin. Putin came to have the ear of the former President as a mentor, while holding an unflattering view of his boss and his weak governing. It was only through Yeltsin that Putin rose through the ranks of the KGB to become the head spy and somehow parlayed his position to the Presidency. But to me, it is hard to figure how a staunch Communist managed to" trump" other oligarchs and grab more than his share of the loot as the Evil Empire collapsed. He must of read Donald's book.

The truth about Trump's perception that he has Putin's admiration is laughable. The only remarks Putin has made is to describe Trump and his campaign as "comical." Putin sees Donald for what he is and sees his weakness. The weakness is Trump's narcissistic personality and his lust to accumulate wealth and status, whether it is real or just on paper. Trump is focused on Donald, not the best interest of Americans overall. If voters believe that he will make America Great Again they are in for a big surprise if elected. 

Vladimir Putin is banking on Trump loyalty to himself, not to America, NATO and the World. When, not if Putin takes claim of all of the Ukraine I can imagine Trump will shrug it off as a non-event. He will see Putin as himself, taking advantage of a system to profit. A President Trump will somehow define the annexation of the Ukraine as a smart business deal and nothing more.