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Matthew Stafford Readies for a Snap with Injured Digit *

Dateline Detroit, December 15, 2016

Much has been written about the demise of Our Great City of Detroit over the past four or five decades, once as The Murder Capitol, a torch lit tradition of Devil's Night, race riots and white flight, neighborhoods besieged by blight and high crime and other misdemeanors and a history of scandal and corruption within local politics. If this were not enough, add the economic malaise followed by City Bankruptcy extending to General Motors and Chrysler.

At the same time, Detroit became known as "The City of Champions" dating back to an era before many sports fans were born. The Red Wings, Tigers and Pistons all labored to win a fair share of championships while the Detroit Lions whimpered along without touchdown glory for what is now fifty-nine (59) seasons with nary a Super Bowl appearance.

The tradition of the Detroit Lions dates back to the original NFL cadre of teams that did create some of the games exciting moments such as Alex Karras led the "Fearsome Foursome" ravaging Bart Starr and the Green Day Packers on Thanksgiving Day of yore.

However, there is now a rather quiet surge within the Lion ranks as they unite on the field of QB Matthew Stafford setting records for 4th Quarter come-from-behind wins with seven. Not bad when major sports network pundits and late night TV hosts have made the Lions the brunt of their jokes. It has gotten old. It has become tiresome. It is now going to disappear.
In a year when anything can happen and has, I find hidden meaning in 2017 Super Bowl LI, the Roman numeral Fifty-One. I see Super Bowl LI as LI-O-N-S!

With my new found fervor I happen to notice online that the clothing retailer Lucky Brand advertised for this Christmas special graphic NFL T-Shirts for 21 or 22 of the 30 NFL teams. They looked pretty darn good and well priced. My disappointment turned to outrage shortly after the discovery that the now 9 - 4 Lions was not among the Lucky Brand line. 

Most football fans and self-appointed experts in today's modern game and history will say I am overly optimistic if not an outright loon. In part I agree that this season's surprise streak of Lion success may be a stepping stone to the Big Circus, but I wrote the following email and received a cautious somewhat contrite reply. 

In the end, football fans on a weekly basis follow the Vegas odds makers point spreads and under and over numbers to finalize their wagers. The smart ones are looking at New England in the AFC leader and the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC. Both are runaway leaders. But, the question I raise is "What are the odds over time that of thirty (30) NFL franchises, that the Detroit Lions would fail 59 times to make or win the Super Bowl?" Mathematicians just may find an algorithm where the numbers, facts conclude Lions finally make their appearance in a Super Bowl. It's a long shot, but so are the "random chips" that control payouts in slots. 

But, one thing is certain. For many years business, government, media and politicians have eulogized the City of Detroit. The economy and business opportunity was dead. However, the core group of innovative entrepreneurs (Gilbert, Ilytch, etc) and the spirit of Detroit's remaining citizens defied those odds in a resurgence unmatched in any other city. So, don't count Matthew Stafford's leadership and our Detroit Lions out. 

Sorry #Hillary it's not your turn, the #DetroitLions @lions arrive #SuperBowlLI & @Matt_Stafford9 will be going to #DisneyWorld

--- Original Message ---
From: Gary Grzymkowski <>
Received: 12/8/16 2:05:27 PM EST
Subject: Spirit of Detroit & NFL Offers

Hey Lucky Brand!

I am a regular and good customer of Lucky Brand. I have rarely "promoted" a product on both Face Book and Twitter your clothing as I did earlier today.

If your Lucky Brand designers have not noticed, our City and our Detroit Lions are on the move! Let me share.

Our Detroit is on a remarkable run and comeback in a revolutionized economy, an unbelievable surge in new developments. This includes the renovation of several historic and iconic buildings ideal for retail, manufacturing and the Art community. Mayor Mike Duggan, Dan Gilbert (Quicken Loans), Mike and Marion Ilytch (Tigers,Red Wings) are leading the way with many other innovators following or on the way.

Detroit offers new cutting edge design in housing, office and multi-purpose buildings in downtown Detroit and a renewal of housing and in our neighborhoods. 

Lucky Brand should give serious consideration of the economic advantages and opportunities here in Detroit and expand your design and retail operations to Detroit.Our Mayor's office will no doubt welcome all inquiries. 

Detroit now has a core group of talented Artists second to none and growing with each new day!

Our city is a City of Champions and not just our sports teams. Detroit has a long history of capable and talented individuals across all occupations.

We have some of the greatest sports and entertainment venues such as Comerica Park,Ford Field, FOX theater, Detroit Opera House, the DIA, DSO and one of the most ambitious projects in the nation.

This is the Detroit Entertainment District with the state-of-art Little Cesars Sports Arena, the new home of the Detroit Red Wings and now the venue welcoming the return of the Detroit Pistons.

However, I am disappointed in which NFL teams are included in your line.There are (30) thirty NFL teams and Lucky Brand has overlooked our team. 

It has been 59 years since our Lions have won a championship.It will come as no big shock to all of Detroit as the Lions make huge strides to the Super Bowl. As one of the original NFL teams, we believe "It's Our Turn," a phrase tweeted and posted repeatedly on the Internet. 

In a year where anything can happen, the signs are there and I believe even the ancient Oracles would agree. The odds and gods are with us. You may note, this is Super Bowl LI (Lions  -on spot?)

To those of Lucky Brand, please give us consideration. It may be too late for a "Detroit Lions" T-shirt to make your current line.

Thank you for your patient attention to this rather verbose email from one proud citizen of Detroit.

To my surprise I received a timely and I hope "Lucky Brand" email reply.

Customer Service at

Dec 9 (6 days ago)
to me
Dear Gary,

Thank you so much for your inquiry. We appreciate hearing from our customers and look forward to addressing 
your concerns. 
We greatly appreciate your support of our brand, and thank you for taking the time to write to us regarding your
desire to see Detroit Lions tees featured in our NFL tee collection. At this time, we do not have information on 
whether we will add this team to our current collection; however, we have forwarded your email in its entirety to 
our Design Team for review. Our Design Team loves hearing our customer feedback, as this helps us create
products the best products for our future collections. Thank you again for writing to us!

We encourage you to register your email address to receive updates on products, news, and events, if you have

not already done so. If you would like to sign up, you may do so in the footer of our website. 

Should you have any further questions or concerns, we encourage you to call us toll-free at 1-866-975-LUCK
(5825). You may also email us at We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist.

Thank you for shopping at!

Veronica B.
Lucky Brand Customer Service

* RE Above photo of Stafford, it is reported he is playing in spite of an injury to his right hand with a special glove. The injury is to the middle finger. Let's hope to all his naysayers, haters & detractors that he can raise his hand in their direction at the final victory.