Monday, December 19, 2016

Solidarność zmartwychwstaje w Polsce! (Solidarity Rises Again In Poland!)


Dateline Warsaw December 19, 2016
The Washington Post caught me off-guard with a piece written by Anthony Faiola entitled "In Poland, a window on what happens when populists come to power," a piece Americans need to read.

"On a frigid recent evening in Warsaw", thousands of Poles "marched to protest the new government. This is the street opposition — the people terrified by what they see unfolding in Poland."

My first impression is that the United States should take note of the courage of the Polish people in their push for Freedom of the Media and other issues. Poles are taking to the streets and pushing their government and promoting a similar Progressive Movement that has been stalled over the past eighteen months in the USA. 

However, while our election year became increasingly surreal and Bernie's fate sealed in an orchestrated coronation in Philadelphia, a story of historic proportions was taking place in Poland. Aside from a few, we Americans remained in the dark of what was actually happening there. Poles took to the streets, stood up and voiced their outrage at a corrupt government. It is the same refrain Bernie Sanders now begs Americans to embrace to keep our new administration true to not only campaign promises but the checks and balances within our Constitution.

The new Law and Justice government "has taken steps to limit the power of the constitutional court, chipping away, critics say, at checks and balances," the identical fears within our nation.

What has shocked me is that a proud, courageous, nationalistic Polish people took great umbrage with the actions of an indifferent denial within an elected government that "walked back" on promises and progress. The courage of ordinary Poles is their character. The events over centuries documents the inherent truth, resiliency, courage and ability of a proud people to rise up in opposition to repression. The truth is in the History of Poland. Poles never truly capitulated to the Nazis, the subjugation of the Soviet Union and the Communist government left in place. Polish Americans know the history of Solidarity and how the rise of one humble priest ascended to the papacy and how his unrelenting pilgrimages to his beloved country assuredly led to the downfall of the Soviet Union. 

Thousands clogged the streets of Warsaw on Saturday to protest Poland's governing party

President Ronald Reagan is credited with the demise by his adaptation of  Darth Vader and Star Wars budget spending trillions placing United States in a spiral of dangerous levels of debt. But, it was Pope John Paul II who spent little, inspired courage within his faithful and utilized prayer on the front line. A priest, a Pontiff and Saint backed by a bountiful Faith changed the face of Eastern Europe as other nations followed. 

Now to the enlightening writing of correspondent Anthony Faiola as cited above. I beg forgiveness of my ethnic origins for missing their national cause. Please take note of the ironic similarity of the Poles last election as Faiola brings to light.
  • Law and Justice Party rode to power on a pledge to drain the swamp of Polish politics and roll back the legacy of the previous administration. 
  • In merely a year, critics say, the nationalists have transformed Poland into a surreal and insular place — one where state-sponsored conspiracy theories and de facto propaganda distract the public as democracy erodes. (It looks very much as taken from the Trump-Bannon-Lewandowski playbook).
And I kid you not. The newly elected so-called Law and Justice Party is making effort to refute history. Take note and see the familiarity to some here.

  • Polish scientists are aghast at proposed curriculum changes in a new education bill that would downplay evolution theory and climate change and add hours for “patriotic” history lessons. (A revisionist history I suspect will equal that of Hitler's propaganda machine).
  • Facebook chat, a top equal rights official mused that Polish hotels should not be forced to provide service to black or gay customers. (Please do not tell me there is a Polish Mike Pence or Governor Pat McCrory).
  • His successor rejected an international convention to combat violence against women because it appeared to argue against traditional gender roles. (This is a return to the Dark Ages)
  • the new government has defunded public assistance for in vitro fertilization treatments. 
  • To draft new sexual-education classes in schools, it tapped a contraceptives opponent who argues that condom use increases the risk of cancer in women. 
  • The government is proffering a law that critics say could soon be used to limit opposition by protest. 
  • Trump is promising a tax code rework that could trigger a bonanza of cash rebates for Americans. In Poland, Law and Justice put cash in pockets in other ways, namely
  • The new government is “buying” support, moves that will only drive up Polish debt and masquerade a long-term power grab (of the Law and Justice Party)
In rural Poland where the middle class is disappearing and unemployment of highly skilled workers has risen the monthly dole of the government's monthly dole for Families has captured support of those most in need. One couple who now rely on the Law and Justice dole is 100% of their income. Faiola quotes Pavel, the husband that should loudly resound within our electorate for decades.

“In the United States, you had the same choice, picking the lesser of two evils,” he said. “I wasn’t sure a year ago either, but now I see how right we were.” 

The Law and Justice party’s "views have never been more effectively disseminated. The national broadcaster in Poland would often tilt toward the party in power." (Does this sound familiar as Bernie Sanders argued?) 

And now, "following its victory, Law and Justice launched an unprecedented purge of journalists at the channel," those I assume take an objective view seen as dangerous opposition. These are the written views targeted for suppression.

Here is another popular Trump refrain. "The new government is also skeptical of the Paris climate change agreement to cut carbon emissions and has pulled support for Polish wind and solar farms. At the same time, it is pumping more money into coal." 

As we now hear the rumples within a newly formed Trump cabinet "
liberal values" and an human rights there is a move toward reversal of recent advancements.

"There is no more talk in Poland, for instance, of offering any legal rights to same-sex couples." 

Homosexuality was quiet before, then they tried to normalize it,” she said. “You don’t see that happening now.” 

During our Election cycle, Senator Bernie Sanders (second generation Pole) began with little name recognition, media coverage and even less in financial support. We all know the sad outcome. The DNC, established Washington system, hacking and manipulation of his one opponent neutralized the power of his power base. That power base came from a grassroots level capturing the true concerns of the American people. 

Eventually, millions of voters identified with Senator Sanders core concerns: income inequality, billionaires buying elections and influence, controlling the agenda of our government, the right of health care to all, a right to a free college education for all. 

Sanders deplored the manipulation by at least a segment of Wall Street and big banks in the decline of our Middle Class, inequitable tax code, woman's right to choose and a litany of others. For all of Bernie's efforts, voter suppression and a rigged primary system defeated a true Populist Movement by substituting the debacle in the election of Donald Trump

In Poland the litany of repressive proposed laws goes on. Writer Anthony Faiola interviews Monika Mizolebska, a museum researcher. It is stark, quite eerie and frightening in her remarks as to what is happening at this moment in Poland.

Mizolebska said "she is deeply concerned about what sees as an attack on women's reproductive rights. A near-total abortion ban — women and doctors faced up to five years in jail — was defeated in October after a massive street protest. But she fears it may yet come back."

Poland Rejects Near-Total Abortion Ban After Women Protest in Streets - NBC News

“The government wants women to be mothers, to be housewives, but my daughter wants be a writer, maybe a journalist,” she said. “But what chance does she have here? In these conditions?” She is also concerned about a new proposed school curriculum the Polish Academy of Sciences says will marginalize evolution theory.
What is quite striking is the stance echoing here in America. Adam Bielan,a Law and Justice official  boasts even with only a 36% approval, "The people support us."
The new government in Poland seems to borrow another Trump declaration of his own mandate, his propensity to justify unorthodox practice and threaten a dismantling of our Republic as we know it. In her concluding remarks Monika Mizolebeska said I can't believe it’s 2016  went on to say, shaking her head. “Where is all this going? I’m afraid.”
In the post election moments Americans were urged to "give him a chance" speaking of President-Elect Donald Trump. Overall, Americans took heed. However, in the preceding month Americans now witness the formation of a cabinet and administration comprised of individuals of "suspect" background and beliefs. The fear is they will adhere to personal or religious beliefs that promote a movement toward reaffirmation of a government by a few. "Where is all this going?" 
I FEAR the allegations of Russian influence on our election are trivial by comparison to the impact of Donald Trump and his rant has taken root in Poland. 
The question now becomes, Will Americans stand united with one voice as that of the Polish people? My fear is the People's Revolution originating in America has exited. Is it Trump's first albeit unintentional international trade deal?

POLSKA MUSI WIEDZIEĆ amerykańskiego ducha i modlitwy są z nimi!

POLAND must know the AMERICAN SPIRIT and PRAYERS are with them!

NOTE: When most are engaged in preparation for the Christmas Holidays, few will see or read this blog. Writing takes a great amount of my time supplanting the same tasks. Regardless, I do not regret the time spent. 
"I write not to escape reality, but to right it."