Friday, March 10, 2017



From:  Murshed Zaheed, CREDO Action to me  - March 9, 2017 - 09:53 AM 

Subject: Trump aims to destroy key Obama-era retirement protection (signature needed)

The headline: Trump aims to destroy key Obama-era retirement protection is yet another reversal and betrayal to Trump voters and working Americans as they bow to multi-international corporate giants. I urge you to join myself and hundreds of thousands of workers of both parties are taking the first step in opposition. Please go to their site and Sign the Petition!

The email I received urges you, the 98.5% in America to end the abuse of corporate power over your work lives and now your retirement protection by predators of Wall Street working under the guise as offering strategies that put your retirement funds at risk and serve only to enrich investment firms.

Upon submitting your signature, there is an "option to comment" with the following message as a default example:

"Do not delay or weaken the proposed 'fiduciary duty' rule that would prevent Wall Street from scamming America’s retirees out of billions each year. The industry has had ample time to prepare for this long-delayed rule. It will help retirees by eliminating bad products that cost them money, reorient the retirement industry to put investors first, and give investors recourse if brokers continue attempting to scam them. Any further delay and/or weakening of this rule is nothing more than a transparent gift to the financial services industry at the expense of everyday Americans."

The above "recommended comment" as it often occurs, did not quite express my voice and outrage. Therefore I am compelled to write a summary of my concerns. What follows is the truth as I see it from a personal and historic perspective. My message is targeted to the vast number of Millennials who face mass unemployment, lack of true career job opportunity, lower wages and benefits and a bleak future now and in retirement.

Please remember that the lack of career opportunities is a global problem for young people where some turn to drugs, addiction and fill our jails and prisons. 

The Department of Labor historically the single entity within Government whose role is to favor the rights of workers over corporations that now dominate the rules regulating the human resource of Capitalism.

Over several decades since 1970, there has been a concerted effort to destroy Labor Unions. The war on organized Labor began with President Reagan's firing Air Traffic Controllers. A fact that Republicans and Democrats chose to omit when they speak of the great "compromiser" of his time.

Former Labor Secretary, Tom Perez is perhaps the right choice as head of the DNC

This became a signal to corporate and government employers to begin to seize upon to systematically deconstruct the labor union movement and the rights and regulations won in the Labor Movement such as standard work week, overtime pay, minimum and fair wages for hard working Americans.

If you believe you are immune to retirement scams because you think "I am not a coal miner, assembly line worker or retail clerk, think again! 

President Obama signed a well thought and judicious executive order in favor of paid for overtime hours by salaried or mid-management employees.

Financial Institutions use  "job titles" to compensate them with labels insulting to their worth as "Vice-President or Leas Administrative Aide to the Deputy of the Deputy of Marketing or Player Development. (My own satiric poke at some hospitality industries). 

Over the ensuing five decades, all of these rules and regulations to protect workers from exploitation has eroded to the present. Organized Labor was targeted even in our educational system as textbooks unions as harmful to workers. The right to Work propaganda became the "new culture" convincing millions of youth entering the job market is their only choice.

With the demise of manufacturing and downgrading rights of standard work week, elimination of overtime pay in the ensuing services industry and violations to health and safety, fair wages, paid health care, paid vacation time (below other modern economies), family and sick leave and a litany of other corporate attacks to diminish the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) or abolish.

The systemic destruction of the labor force has been brutal to middle Americans who lost jobs to foreign relocation and the X generation through Millennials has turned the mindset 180 degrees.

Big business uses misleading words to make their agenda palatable. Terms such as the new norm, culture, paradigm and "it is all liquid" has brainwashed our youth and the labor force that Right to Work means lower wages, overtime, Holiday premium pay are ancient history. Workers now accept this false reality that to sustain their families they need to work two to three jobs just to meet basic needs. 

Trump's first choice Andrew Puzder withdrew for Labor Secretary as Committee members accurately assessed his record as a fast food chain owner.Congress saw the face he presented as an absolute insult to the current workforce and a future where the exploitation and abuse of all Americans will expand and not produce or protect Labor.

The replacement nominee as Labor Secretary is critical to your rights and future and requires your vigilance. Pay special attention to individuals such as Sen. Bernie Sanders the lifelong advocate for workers like you.  

The Candidate of Clear Choice ignored by the Democratic Party