Thursday, March 23, 2017

Your Rx Cost Under MEDICARE Part "D" Now - It Will Be Outrageous If Republican Plan is Passed

 Your Rx Cost Under MEDICARE Part "D" Now - It Will Be Outrageous If Republican Plan is Passed

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Lansing, MI 

As I listen to the television reporting of today's vote on the Trump or Ryan Care Bill I opened my mail to find my monthly statement issued by OPTUMRx, the latest replacement of provider of drug coverage for State of Michigan Employees. 

Monthly Statement HOW YOU PAY MORE

What I found confirmed my suspicions that Republican Governor Rick Snyder is pulling off another Executive Manager type switch to a coverage plan where retiree co-pays are rising at a rate where the insurer or provider pays "less" or even "zero" for prescription drugs! 

With the Republican-American Health Care Act due to come to a vote now set for tomorrow morning, I wish to illustrate how the current Medicare Part D is currently impacting seniors. 

The plan now in place increases the "out of pocket cost" for each medication at different rates. It is not the rates seniors or other insured employees are accustomed to paying. There were charges incrementally for brand-name drug or a generic substitute. You might see the logic in paying a higher ($10.00, $20.00) co-pay for the brand name "Big Pharma" drug. A generic drug, once an option no longer a choice, a generic substitute was $2.00, $5.00 or $7.00. 

Review the statement pages I did my best to produce here and pay special attention to the amount "You Paid" column. 

Note the second entry where You pay $3.60 and the Plan pays $0.00

Take Note of You Pay Total and Compare to Plan Paid

So here you see the current "Facts" that illustrate the rising cost passed on the beneficiary. (That is if you can see these reproductions).

What follows below is a running year-to-date of the charges you are forced to pay under the current Medicare Part D, Affordable Care Act. 

Note these YTD Totals

Are you curious as to the breakdown of insurer cost versus yours? No, well here it is anyway. 

In this actual example for a retiree with a pension, insurance and Medicare Part D, OPTUMRx covers 51.8% of drug cost and the employee pays 48.2%

These are co-pays? You can see how out of poket costs are ridiculous. And, this is happening now under the current health care plan in place. 

You might ask, "when do these out of pocket costs end, if ever?" The answer contained in another page of the OPTUM report.

How clever the wordage "You are in this stage:"
and you generally stay until your total is $2,000!

Now I ask you if the total out-of-pocket is currently at $2,000 how difficult will it be for you to reach Ryan's stratosphere of $5 - $7,000 if the American Health Care plan is passed by Congress? What of those 14 million who will immediately lose coverage as the hundreds of thousands in W.Virginia and Kentucky? What will these voters now think of how they were scammed by President Trump. 75% voted for him! 

I wish President Donald Trump, Speaker Ryan and Mitch McConnell would visit these and other coal mining states to "Sell this great Deal."

I urge you to contact your Congressman and especially those Republican Representatives who are being crushed by Party leaders to vote for this unconscionable piece of legislation.