Sunday, April 30, 2017


A Day will come where Americans will agree, Bernie Is Right

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill routinely sends email to elicit opinion from not only her own constituents butothes  accross the nation.  a request to complete a survey with Citizens United, Planned Parenthood and Health Care are the issues they seek the electorate’s opinion.

Upon completion of the quick three or four question survey, a request is made to write your Representative in Congress to voice your opinion especially in regard to health care.

In my case, Hon. Rep. Sander Levin represents me and his record of support and votes to further progressive legislation for the middle class and those in poverty is impeccable. In other words, my words become an affirmation of his moral and ethical stand on this and other issues. This includes Affordable Care Act, overturn Citizen’s United, saving Planned Parenthood, etc.

My hope is those of you who reside in those Michigan Districts write their respective representatives to voice and demand a reversal of their opinion or face a reversal of fortune. That is, where Republicans occupy seats in Congress are removed by the voters in 2018.

The Republican Party represents lobbyists, outside interests and elitists who have no regard for health care for ordinary Americans as a Right.

Here are the comments I added to the email “letter” to Rep Sander Levin.

“The ACA is only the first step toward universal health care and a majority of Americans support it. They have demonstrated through town hall meetings, protests, etc. Yet, Republicans have brushed it off as a non issue. Democrats, moderate Republicans and Independents must increase the pressure on those in Congress (or Insurance Industry and others) to educate voters and citizens that a single-payee system in place, Medicare is the only starting point that makes sense.

Those who oppose ACA or expansion of universal Right to Health Care must be consistently pursued to make public WHY?  The answer became absolutely clear when recent Republican effort to repeal the ACA failed and the Fact they offered no replacement ever drafted in their eight years of opposition. This is unacceptable and treated as such by Americans as Republicans such as Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority leader, Mitch McConnell have violated their oath of office as they dismiss the wish of their voters in favor of multinational health industry and especially Big Pharma.

If those in Congress, Democrats come up short in bringing the people to demand health care, perhaps a Public Relations firm should develop an ad campaign to expose that most Republicans simply oppose and work to defeat ANY health plan, even Medicare. They must be exposed as elitists who believe a vast majority of Americans do not Deserve comprehensive health care”


If you tend to agree with any part or in whole that Medicare can serve efficiently to administer the Right to Universal Health Care, Medicare is not perfect. There has been over-billing, errors and outright fraud where a handful have taken every advantage to rob the funding. However, the private Healthcare Insurance and Health Care system is guilty of the same errors and abuses. In fact, they have driven up the overall cost of healthcare and life saving prescriptions that is unethical in most cases and criminal in others. Look at Kermit, W. Virginia where over 4 million opioids have been pushed down the throats of a population of 400 residents. This one example serves as a call for Americans to end the status quo.

Medicare is only the beginning to enact a better, less costly health care system that will rid the system of fraud and over zealous billing by our current health care providers.

I urge you to write your Representative and Senator regardless where you reside. Email, texts, tweets and telephone calls are one way, but a huge delivery of a mountain of mail to bring home your message and concern. Please remember that your children, grandchildren and all future generations are in jeopardy of a deterioration of health care coverage and denial of life saving procedures, treatment and medication.

Note: There is a page accessible from my blog where you can locate your MI Representative and a link nationwide. Please, find the time to pen your personal plea, fill an envelope and place the “forever” forty-nine cent stamp. Mail this, your vote so to speak and inform those Republicans who oppose must face a basic human benefit for everyone. If they continue to oppose, they should refuse their own Cadillac health care benefits and submit their families to the system known as a safety net: MEDICAID.  

Support the unrelenting efforts on your behalf of Social Security Works at their website.