Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Speaker Paul Ryan & Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Call For Unity During Time of Tragic Shooting

 "On days like today, there are no Democrats or Republicans, only Americans" - Nancy Pelosi

"For all the noise and fury, we are a family. An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us." - Paul Ryan

The tragic shootings in Alexandria, VA this morning gave Speaker Paul Ryan a moment to pause and address the entire House in leading a prayer for Rep. Steven Scalise and the other victims of the lone gunman's attack on a baseball field. His words were poignant and heartfelt.

Similarly, Nancy Pelosi, House Democratic Minority Leader followed his lead. Pelosi used the metaphor of sports, in this case baseball to illustrate how the one-hundred year tradition of the two parties playing this annual charity event promoted good feelings, teamwork and competition.

Speaker Ryan and Rep Pelosi actually agreed that this is a time to "take pause" and reflect on our freedom and cherish the "open" lifestyle we all enjoy.

Let all Americans pray or reflect on this sad day that the sentiment of both Republican and Democratic leadership are not "mere words" spoken today and forgotten tomorrow.

This is not a time for deep partisan divide as Our Nation faces enemies both foreign and domestic. Let us pray the White House also reflects on these events and begins to experience that our government is composed of three separate but equal branches that work for one united people.

Tomorrow evening the two teams meet at the Washington Nats' stadium for their game. Let us hope for a successful event. But, the two sides leave all the curve balls, backdoor sliders and change ups out on the field. America has experienced enough of the hyperbole, rhetoric and untruths over the past several months.

They can begin in the Senate with an open debate and discussion of a health care bill that is inclusive of Democratic voices and amendments.